Benefit High Beam: Quick Review and Swatches

Hey Pandas!

Benefit High Beam is a product I am sure many of you have heard about/tried. I recently tried it ( I know, it is crazy) but I prefer not to jump on things that become ‘cult’ too quickly. They have me skeptical.

High Beam is a luminous, pink and pearlized. It retails for $26 at Sephora for a pretty decent/large size.

This is a large squirt on my hand, not sheered out. At first I was a little scared, this is baby pink and sparkly! I am already not a fan of overly-sparkly facial things, so I couldn’t imagine this on my face.

Sheered out, it is much more wearable. On my face, I only use it on my cheeks when going out for a nice glow. Other than that I find it too much for day-wear. I find it doesn’t make me oily or anything and lasts all day.

This product is panda-approved, but as a luminizer only. I don’t buy into claims that people use this as an overall face enhancer or primer. Too much sparkle!

But hey, if that is your thing, don’t let me stop you! Have you used High Beam? Thoughts?
xo PrettyPanda

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