Milani Color Play

I have been so excited and anxious to get my hands on these babies for a while now! There are 6 colors, and I chose 05 Gray Strokes, 01 Black Line, and 03 Pink Point. There is also a white, navy, and green choice.

For $6.99, these are tiny. I was really disappointed in the size actually as these only hold .002 fluid oz of product. However, a little goes a long way.

These claim to be water-proof and long wearing. You can use them on eyes, face, or body to create any look you want. I think these are awesome for temporary tattoos!
I love that the tip is so fine on these, but the felt aspect scares me. I am afraid these will dry out, and for how expensive they are (for a drugstore brand and very little product) that could be an issue.
These are long-wearing, do not feather, and will resist humidity. But water-proof? Think again. These come off easily with water. I don’t mind, but it doesn’t live up to the claim. They actually remove really easily.
Black Line is the very thin line on the top (done so you can see just how thin you can get it) then Pink Point, which is surprisingly opaque. And then Gray Strokes.
This swatch uses all three colors to demonstrate how easy they are to use for body art!! I am really impressed with this aspect of the product! Looks great right?
Final Thoughts: Not water-proof, but fun for a temp tat or some crazy face-art. Check them out, because the colors are hard to find in other brands with this semi-matte finish.
Price: 7/10
Staying Power: 8/10
Packaging: 9/10
Color/Wearability: 10/10
Quality/Branding: 9/10
Total: 43/50 = B = Pleased Panda
Have you gotten your hands on these? I think they are really fun but expensive for the amount of product.
xoxo PrettyPanda 


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