Fragrance Friday: Scandal in London

Happy Friday!

Today I bring you Sarawen’s ‘Scandal in London’ perfume from her Victorian Collection.

I have been so anxious to smell this ever since I placed my order for it. Even her sample vials are so cute. You can get a sample or full size of this scent here.

Since this perfume was inspired by Sherlock’s Irene Adler, I decided to post this lovely picture of RDJ. You’re welcome.
Sarawen describes ‘Scandal in London’ as: Feminine lilac and ylang ylang flowers blends with feisty dragonsblood with a light hint of eastern sandalwood. A touch of Holmes’ favourite tobacco tops off this sultry floriental perfume.

On my skin, ‘Scandal in London’ is lilac right away. It is almost all floral top notes, which is really pretty and feminine. Once it sets, the sandalwood is the dominant note for me, with just a hint of the ylang ylang.

It smells like a balmy day, sitting outside of a cigar room, browsing a vintage boutique. It is unmistakably girly, but I don’t get any of the danger.

The tabacco is really nice, very fresh and deep. It ends wonderfully and stays the whole day.

I love the idea of this perfume. Don’t you?
xo PrettyPanda

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