Buxom Quick Review: Trixie and Sugar

Hey everyone!

Buxom lip polishes used to be my all time fave glosses. Since that time, I have moved on to other things, but I couldn’t help swatch these two when they came my way!

Trixie is described as a “golden pink luster” as per the website. I think it is very pretty and flirty. The sweet smell and plumping effect are always pluses for me. These are the best plumpers I have come across so far that don’t hurt!

Sugar is described as a “rose glow luster” but it is more of a brownish, glittery nude to me. They are both so pretty and natural, and they retail for $18 at Sephora.

These are a little sticky, but they plump great and last around 3 hours on me. These have been my stand-bys for years. They are panda-approved!

Have you tried these? Both of the colors are permanent. How do you feel about lip-plumpers?
xo PrettyPanda

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