Fresh Sugar Lip Duo

If you are addicted to beauty, you probably have a Sephora member card.

And if you have had your birthday this year, you probably jumped for joy because they aren’t giving out stupid bath gels.

They are giving out these:

Fresh Sugar mini lip duos including the original formula and the rose tint! YAY.

Yes, these are tiny but not worthless, and considering the full size retails for $22 and this is free, I am sold. The original formula smells nice and is really moisturizing.

The rose tint smells about the same and has a nice pink shimmer to it. Both together make an excellent casual lip.

This is a cult favorite, but it is too expensive for my tastes. Will I buy the full size: probably not. But this is a great little intro. So pick up your birthday gift and see for yourself if you dig the hype!

xo PrettyPanda

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