Fragrance Friday: Tea With Watson

Happy Fragrance Friday!

I am so excited to bring you Sarawen’s ‘Tea with Watson’ which is obviously Sherlock Holmes inspired.

I love Watson, and I loved the idea of a fragrance that would make me feel like I was having tea with him. Want to pick this baby up? Click here!

Could this picture get any more perfect? I think not. Remember that Sarawen is awesome, her perfumes are cruelty-free and vegan!

Sarawen describes ‘Tea with Watson’ as: Take a break from adventuring and stop at 221 Baker Street for awhile. White tea, delicious yellow cake, and a dash of cream caramel layered over light tobacco and bay rum. It smells just like a tea party at Holmes and Watson’s flat! This is a balanced unisex fragrance inspired by the world of Sherlock Holmes.

On my skin, ‘Tea with Watson’ is: Strong leather at first. I don’t know why but it is and I like it. If a guy wore this around me, I would instantly be attracted to it, so I can see how it is a unisex scent. The tea comes in right after it settles on my skin. It isn’t overdone or too much. It smells precisely how I would picture 221 Baker Street to smell, and for that, I thank Sarawen profusely.

Do you love Sherlock Holmes? Tried this or any of her scents? Tell me all about it!
xo PrettyPanda


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