Orly ‘Star Spangled’

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I did! It is Monday, so I thought I would post about a fun nail polish I wore over the weekend. Nail polish always makes a day better, am I right?

I tried to take the picture a little out of focus so you could see the pretty sparkles more. This is Orly’s ‘Star Spangled’ which is a vibrant red with lots of depth and red shimmer. So pretty!

I love the result on my nails. With two coats, it is a quick updated version of a classic red. It retails for $8 and is a great staple. I love Orly because they last and last. I can wear their polishes up to 8 days. But I don’t often, because I am fickle.

Final Thoughts: If you are a nail polish junkie like myself, you probably have more than a few dupes for this. But it is so pretty and a solid stand-by.
Price: 8/10
Staying Power: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Color/Wearability 9/10
Quality/Branding: 9/10
Total: 46/50 = A = Pandamonium!
What is the nail color your are currently rocking? Happy Monday!
xoxo PrettyPanda

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